Tool Tracking Labels: Never lose your tools again!

Tool Tracking Labels. Warehouse worker using tool with label on it

Tool tracking labels can help you organize and reduce the loss of tools in many situations. In your home garage or workshop, company warehouse, auto mechanic shop, fleet vehicles, and more. Missing or stolen tools can cost any person or business time and thousands of dollars a year, not to mention the inconvenience of not having the right tool when you need it.

By applying barcode and tracking labels, you will improve your inventory and cut down on loss. The upfront time you take to choose an affordable option that works best with your situation will save you much more time in the long run.

You can also choose from a variety of materials and sizes, depending on what type of tools you need to label. You can also order sequentially numbered tags, or upload your own custom numbering or unique data field.

tool tracking labels. A label on a tool

Metal Tool Tracking Labels

Metal tool tracking labels provide the ultimate in durability. They can conform to curved surfaces and are easy to print and apply. They will outlast chemicals, solvents and, even, scouring pads. Anodized aluminum seals the graphics into pores of the aluminum. Barcodes and print cannot wash off.  These labels may even outlast your tools!

tool tracking labels. Diagram of how they work

These types of labels are used by:

  • utilities for pole marking
  • warehouse pros for organization
  • rental car fleets for tracking inventory
  • universities for tracking bicycles
  • the US Navy for asset labeling and tracking

Aluminum FoilGuard is a very affordable option. The labels are surface printed, 100% aluminum, and use an aggressive 3M adhesive.

Some other great features of these types of labels include:

  • Secure and durable!
  • Aluminum labels feature embedded print.
  • Conforms to curves – ideal for tools.
  • Security cuts in aluminum help to thwart vandals.
  • The label cannot be moved to another tool.
  • Durable aluminum outlasts plastic.

Plastic Tool Tracking Labels

Plastic tool tracking label options cost less than the metal ones and are still durable. However, they may last as long as the metal ones. They are still a great option for many situations. Plastic tool tracking labels are available in a variety of materials.

Economy Plastic, Metallized Polyester, & Paper Labels

These labels are affordable and don’t compromise on quality. Get vinyl for the price of paper.
  • Consecutive numbering on every set makes inventory and asset management a snap.
  • Premium die-cut shapes keep square corners from flagging.
  • Plastic materials include removable polyester cloth, brushed polyester, tough aluminum foil, tamper-evident labels, and more.
  • Paper options include a recycled paper label and labels that work in cold temperatures.

Tamper Proof Security Labels with Barcodes

Perfect for vulnerable or sensitive equipment and inventory. You can tell if they’ve been tampered with or if someone has “appropriated” your asset.

  • On removal, some leave a checkerboard or a VOID pattern or try destructible vinyl labels that break apart, leaving evidence behind.
  • Destructible, voiding, and checkerboard void materials are available in plastic and in a variety of colors or designs.
  • Die-cut shapes and custom designs are unique and hard to copy.

tool tracking labels. Label that has been tampered with and coming of in little pieces

Laminated Plastic Barcodes

These labels can withstand harsh chemicals and abrasion. Your barcodes and graphics are protected to ensure a long-lasting label. These barcode labels are great for wet environments and equipment used outdoors. You can be sure that your barcode will read perfectly, indoors or out.

  • Laminated for extra durability. Choose either a matte laminate or a gloss laminate.
  • Resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Just wipe away liquids with a paper towel for easy cleanup.
  • It’s simple to personalize your labels using templates

tool tracking labels. hand wiping spilled oil off of a laminated label

2D Barcode Labels

2D Barcode Labels store tons of information in a tight space, so your labels are small, cost less, and are still easy to scan, even when slightly damaged.

  • Choose sequential numbers, or upload from your database.
  • Use your phone or grab a dedicated scanner. QR barcode labels are also available.
  • There’s a range of material options, including metal labels and affordable plastic.

tool tracking labels. Sheet of many barcode labels with QR codes

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