Tim Daly At the DMNE Show In Boston

Tim Daly Cellotape Smart Label Products

We are excited to announce that Tim Daly, President Cellotape Smart Products will be joining me at the Design & Manufacturing New England Show, May 3-4, booth #1033.  Tim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of RFID and NFC technologies.  Tim will be talking and doing demonstrations on how this emerging technology is impacting businesses across the world.  Stop by, say hello and get your questions answered on how RFID can help your business.

Tim Daly Cellotape Smart Label ProductsVisionary entrepreneur and executive; technology innovator and leader; builder of both new and mature companies and sales organizations, from Wall Street to Main Street.

Well regarded speaker, serial entrepreneur, mobile activation, media expert, and technology innovator. Known for his forward looking vision in mobile, Near Field Communications, RFID, Bluetooth beacons (BLE), and other engagement and activation technologies.

“With 67 years of expertise, and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, The Cellotape Group of companies is a Technology Company that prints Graphic Overlays, Membrane Switches, Warning Labels, Product Identification items, Consumer facing labels for the Retail, Wine and Spirits, Beauty Products, Healthcare Products, and general industry labeling.

Cellotape Smart Products is the leader in creating products that integrate NFC and RFID – “RF technologies”; allowing for frictionless two–way communications between the physical and digital worlds and access to the cloud anywhere – anytime.

Our mission is to continue to prove that “Anything is Possible” and deliver innovative and unique solutions for access control, product authentication, smart spaces, wearables, industrial compliance, and marketing campaigns and events. “

Challenge Tim With Your RFID Application!

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