Exclusive Direct Thermal BOPP Labels - ThermaShield DT

Introducing the revolutionary ThermaShield DT, a direct thermal synthetic BOPP label specifically designed for mobile outdoor applications. Our extensive testing has proven that this solution can provide reliable performance in tough weather conditions such as strong sunlight and moisture.

Try our labels today and say hello to a more durable and efficient labeling solution.

Fulfilling Industry Needs with High Quality and Durability

Your application has specific requirements such as mobile printing, synthetic labels that are resistant to sunlight and moisture without fading, and RFID capability with either permanent or removable adhesive. To meet your needs, we recommend using PaladinID ThermaShield DT labels. These all-weather synthetic labels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for businesses that operate in outdoor environments. They are fade-resistant and durable, ensuring that your important information remains clear and legible at all times.

ThermaShield DT: Durability and Versatility for Outdoor Challenges

What makes this product unique and a game changer is that these labels do not fade in the sun. Our extensive development has produced a winner.

Adhesive choices:

  • Permanent

  • Removable

  • High-temperature adhesive

There are many industries where this product is used.

  • Auto-auctions

  • Recycling plants

  • Nursery and garden centers

  • Car rental companies

  • Lumber mills

  • Pipe manufacturers

  • Utility companies

Contact us today to request samples so you can experience firsthand all of what ThermaShield offers. We look forward to working with you.


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