The Circular Economy of Product Labels

Circular Economy

The need for sustainable practices has never been greater. As more people become eco-friendly consumers, the demand is only going up–and that’s not even taking into account other factors like public opinion or government regulation!

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  The next generation of consumers is ready to lead us into an era where sustainability will become standard. A recent report by Buying Green Report indicates that 83% of younger people aged 14 -44 years old would pay extra in order to get eco-friendly product packaging, while nearly 80% claim loyalty towards brands that reduce their environmental footprint!

The future looks bright; let’s make sure they can see it too.

The rise of the circular economy has spurred innovation across industries, including product labels. Brands are increasingly making this shift towards more sustainable solutions and consumers will be attracted by brands who embrace it as well – which you can do with your own company!

What Does The Circular Economy of Labels Look Like?

With a circular economy, the focus is on closing the loop of sustainability in product packaging design. This can be achieved through recycling and reusing waste materials to extend products’ life cycles while minimizing their production as much as possible-a foundation for a sustainable future!

As it relates to product labels, there are five main pillars of the circular economy model:

  1. Create “greener” label solutions
  2. Use more sustainable production processes
  3. Extend the life cycle of your labels
  4. Collect waste materials at end of life
  5. Reuse and recycle into new label solutions

Sustainable Labels That Support a Circular Economy

PaladinID is the go-to for sustainable packaging solutions! We offer a wide variety of label options that promote recyclability and FSC-certified paper, as well as recycled content liners. These features help our customers reduce their carbon footprint. You can support an environmentally friendly circular economy within your company’s supply chain network with every product you sell. We’re always here to provide you with more information on how you can make this happen.

Below are several popular eco-friendly label options:

  • FSC-certified paper facestocks have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC) and are ensured to be responsibly sourced. This certification helps manage forests in a way that is environmentally conscious, as well as socially and economically beneficial.
  • Recyclable PET container labels are designed to support PET plastic recycling. The label stays in place throughout the product lifecycle, then fully separates from the PET surface during the recycling process. Producing pure PET flakes results in the conservation of virgin PET resources and less landfill waste.
  • Offered across a broad range of label products, recycled content liners are a solution that contains 30% PCW from recycled PET bottles. This helps to reduce landfill waste, without compromising on performance and quality.
  • Constructed to be up to 50% thinner than conventional materials, thin paper, film, and thermal-paper labels help conserve limited natural resources, reduce changeovers, and cut down on storage and transportation—thereby shrinking the carbon footprint.
  • Helping to divert landfill waste with 40% more labels per roll, linerless labels consist of a direct thermal top-coated facestock and pressure-sensitive adhesive. They are ideal for use at grocery stores, distribution warehouses, and e-commerce businesses.

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