The Benefits of Using Zebra Printers

Zebra Label Printers

If you’re looking for a label printer to help streamline your business operations or just need an efficient way to print labels, then you should consider investing in a Zebra thermal transfer label printer. With its high-quality output and easy-to-use features, this type of printer is perfect for any company that needs to print labels…

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Helping a Client Move from China to the US

Move from China to the US

I received a call last week from a company that has decided to bring its manufacturing and packaging back to the United States from China.  They are in the automotive industry and were unsure of what their options were or how to choose the best way to address their product labeling process.  They asked if…

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Have A Unique Product That Needs To Be Labeled?

unique product. Product label maching and a label on sunglasses

Are you looking for an idea to label your unique product? Does your product have an unusual shape or interesting packaging? At PaladinID we specialize in thinking outside the box when it comes to labeling products.  Seeing that summer is upon us, I just love the visual of this picture. As you can see, these…

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Zebra Replacement Printheads (15% OFF)

Zebra Replacement Printheads

Weekly Special: Zebra Replacement Printheads 15% OFF Use Coupon Code: PRINTHEAD SHOP NOW   Looking for another source for Zebra replacement printheads?  You have come to the right place.  We carry the entire line of Zebra replacement printheads.  Even if your printer is obsolete, over ten years old, we will have a printhead for you. …

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Wax Ribbons For Your Zebra Printer 20% off

Weekly Special: Wax Ribbons For Zebra Printers 20% OFF Use Coupon Code: Wax Ribbons SHOP NOW   We are excited about this week’s special.  It is on our entire line of wax ribbons for your Zebra printers.  These ribbons are specifically designed to run in any Zebra thermal transfer printer across many label stocks.  We…

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Weekly Special: Zebra 5095 Performance Resin Ribbon (15% off)

Weekly Special: Zebra 5095 Performance Resin Ribbon 15% OFF Use Coupon Code: Zebra 5095 SHOP NOW   Looking for a more durable solution that will work across a broad range of label materials? If so, the Zebra 5095 performance resin ribbon is for you. This ribbon comes in both Industrial and DeskTop sizes and can…

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Looking for Zebra Z-Ultimate 3000T White?

Weekly Special: Zebra Z-Ultimate 3000T White 15% OFF For the week of April 11, 2020 USE COUPON CODE: ZEBRA LABELS SHOP NOW Looking for Zebra Z-Ultimate 3000T White? Do you have a label application that requires a durable label with a high performance permanent adhesive? If so, then the Zebra Z-Ultimate 3000T White labels is…

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Zebra RFID Labels

We are excited to finally get all of our Zebra RFID labels in one place and have it organized in a way that is easily accessible.  Pilot Ready, with 30 ZipShip items in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours. You can quickly conduct a pilot and implement an RFID solution and start saving…

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Need To Automate And Not Sure How?

Do you have label processes you wish you could automate? We recently helped a large CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) company with a challenging problem with automation. They were about to embark on a nationwide marketing program and realized they had a bottleneck in their packaging lines.  Their current system had their workers applying labels by…

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Weekly Special: RFID Stock Thermal Transfer Labels

STP1120N Part 3

RFID Stock Thermal Transfer Labels: Over 25 Stock Sizes Ships in ONE Business DAY! Do you use RFID Thermal Transfer Labels? Have you ever tried a stock label? They can save you $$$$$ Our stock label options cover over 75% of the requirement for RFID Labels. Are you one of them? This week’s special is on…

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