Direct Thermal Film Label Solution

Direct Thermal Film

We just received some exciting news about Direct Thermal Film. We have secured the last trailer load of this material in the country! As you know that Jindal Films, the manufacturer of Label-Lyte Platinum Thermal, better known as the Zebra Thermalock 4000D label material, has stopped production of this product.  We have secured the last…

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The Zebra ThermaLock 4000D Has Been Discontinued, Now What?

Zebra Technologies has discontinued their ThermaLock 4000D label material.  This was a very popular solution for many companies.  The ThermaLock 4000D was a direct thermal BOPP (film) label product using a permanent adhesive. This product was ideal for outdoor and/or high moisture applications such as: car auctions greenhouses nurseries In all three instances, this label…

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