Fast Turnaround On Mobile Shelf Labels Saves The Day!

I would like to thank our team for working together, not backing down and seeing this challenge to its fruition. Many times, we get panic calls when The customer is out of labels Their current labels are not performing properly Or their label vendor has stumbled. This post is about a vendor who had trouble…

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Custom Cannabis Labels: A Guide

Cannabis Product Labeling

Your cannabis business needs an economical solution for your custom cannabis labels. We have the perfect system! The cannabis industry is exploding. While the Federal & State governments work out all the details, one thing that will remain a constant priority is labeling requirements. These do vary from state to state, but every single cannabis…

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Zebra RFID Labels

We are excited to finally get all of our Zebra RFID labels in one place and have it organized in a way that is easily accessible.  Pilot Ready, with 30 ZipShip items in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours. You can quickly conduct a pilot and implement an RFID solution and start saving…

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Weekly Special: 10% OFF Label Unwinder/Rewinder

Weekly Special Label Unwinder/Rewinder Shop Now! USE COUPON CODE: “Unwinder”   Have you heard that Epson just released a new inkjet label printer?  We are very excited about this printer and the niche that it fills in the market. This new label unwinder/rewinder will allow you to unwind and rewind a 10” diameter roll of…

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Afinialabel L701 Product Label Printer

December 16, 2019 The L701 Looking to increase efficiencies on your shop floor? AfiniaLabel has just introduced their newest line of product label printing equipment: Print high-impact, full-color labels for a fraction of the cost!  We will be glad to send you samples of what this inkjet printer can do. See all of our inkjet…

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Cannabis Labels: An Emerging Market

cannabis labels

What goes into great cannabis labels? The rise of cannabis legalization has made it an industry to pay attention to. Investors and entrepreneurs are excited about this emerging opportunity and so are label providers. There is a world of new sales opportunities for label and packaging distributors and PaladinID can help. Our specialities include helping…

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Weekly Special: Zebra 110xi4 Label Printer

Zebra Printers By PaladinID

This week’s Special is The Zebra 110xi4 label printer. If your label is 4″ wide or less, then this printer is what you are looking for. It is designed for high volume “mission critical” labeling applications. This printer produces minute labels with crisp text, clear bar codes and precise registration. Zebra 110xi4 printers are legendary…

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Maybe A Label Set Might Be A Solution?

label set

What is a label set and where is it used? A label set is just what it sounds like:  A grouping of several labels together to make up one big label.  It is used when an application calls for several labels, typically different sizes and colors that are required for your product. For example, you…

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Zebra Polyester Product Labels

Laser Labels

9/23 through 9/29 Weekly Special September 23, 2019 Are you looking for a stock label solution for your circuit boards? Stock labels can save you money!! Our labels work with every thermal transfer printer on the market today. Therefore, you have no need for new equipment! We also have a large assortment of thermal transfer…

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