Helping a Client Move from China to the US

Move from China to the US

I received a call last week from a company that has decided to bring its manufacturing and packaging back to the United States from China.  They are in the automotive industry and were unsure of what their options were or how to choose the best way to address their product labeling process.  They asked if…

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How to Select the Right Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Confused about which thermal transfer ribbon to use? We can help! Related: Extremely Reduced Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon Pricing Do you have a thermal transfer printer? Thinking about switching to this type of printer? There a so many reasons why this might be a great option for your company. What is thermal transfer printing? Thermal transfer…

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Epson Inkjet vs Thermal Transfer Label Printing

The ColorWorks Epson line of inkjet label printers is gaining in popularity.  At first, I was skeptical, but today, these are my printers of choice for most label printing applications.  There are many positives discussed in the video below, but like anything else, there are two sides to every story. Is inkjet the end all…

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Product Label Solutions: A Guide

Product Label Solutions

PaladinID would like to partner with you to be your total product label solutions provider. If you use product labels in any part of your business we can save you time and money. Sure, we can provide the supplies you need like labels, printers, printheads and more. We have branded and generic versions, many in…

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Thermal Transfer Paper Labels (13% OFF)

Thermal Transfer Paper Labels

Weekly Special: Thermal Transfer Paper Labels 13% OFF Use Coupon Code: TTP SHOP NOW   The special this week is on our entire line of thermal transfer paper labels. Over 200 Sizes to choose from!  Use with any application!  In Stock! We have labels for industrial, desktop label printers.  Labels for mobile printers are available…

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Wax Ribbons For Your Zebra Printer 20% off

Weekly Special: Wax Ribbons For Zebra Printers 20% OFF Use Coupon Code: Wax Ribbons SHOP NOW   We are excited about this week’s special.  It is on our entire line of wax ribbons for your Zebra printers.  These ribbons are specifically designed to run in any Zebra thermal transfer printer across many label stocks.  We…

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Weekly Special: Thermal Transfer Floodcoated Labels

Weekly Special: Thermal Transfer Floodcoated Labels 15% OFF For the week of April 6, 2020 USE COUPON CODE: FLOODCOAT Shop Now! This weeks special is on our wide selection of thermal transfer floodcoated labels.  Take 15% off at checkout using the code “Floodcoat”.  We carry over 250 sizes in up to eight color configurations.  Most…

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Epson C6500 Was the Solution!

Epson C6500

When you need to add color, symbols and/or warnings to your black and white labels, the Epson C6500 might be the best solution!   I had a very large national retail manufacturer call me several months with a printing problem. I love these types of calls! Related: Color Inkjet Label Printer Solution  The Need They needed…

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Is Your Company Getting Squeezed? Ways to Save $


Are you pressured? Feeling squeezed? Looking for ways to save money now that minimum wage is increasing? I had a conversation with a customer who stated: “With the minimum wage going up so much this year and next, that is really going to hurt us.  We have no way to recoup that money because we…

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Do I Need Thermal Transfer or Color Inkjet for My Label Printing?

Thermal Transfer or Color Inkjet

Having trouble deciding between thermal transfer or color inkjet? The world of label printing technology is advancing quickly. This is good news for you because you have so many more options available. However, choosing the most cost effective, high-quality printing system that works for your product labeling requirements can be challenging. The right printing process…

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