Barcode Scanning can Replace Paper Forms in Manufacturing

barcode scanning

Switching to barcode scanning can save the work of 3 full time employees.  Are you still using paper forms, pencils, and clipboards? An estimated 80% of small to mid-size manufacturing plants are still using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to track inventory and manufacturing operations. The drawbacks to this manual system are twofold:…

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Using Bar Codes to Pay for Things From Your Phone

bar codes

Do you still call people with your phone? We all text, take pictures, set reminders, track our steps, play games, and buy things from our phone. Have you ever used a bar code to buy something from your phone? We are moving more and more toward a cashless society, and bar codes are the next…

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Solving: Simplifying Barcodes for Made-to-Order Products

Simplifying Barcodes

Simplifying Barcodes by Connecting Inventory Logic with Custom Order Specs — Custom (or Make-to Order) manufacturers, sometimes called “Jobbers”, typically produce a wide variety of products with different dimensions, colors, sizes and other features.  We can connect the commonalities in these variations with “license-plate” tracking barcodes to an item or a container, such as a…

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How Tamper Evident Packaging Works using NFC

Tamper Evident Packaging

Sneak Preview on How Tamper Evident Packaging Works using NFC From a barcode scanning viewpoint, this is the simplest method to use, because it only requires one scan per workstation. This method is the simplest and most basic onramp, providing real-time information where jobs are in the production process (WIP).  Additional information can be leveraged…

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SOLVING: Track WIP With Tools and Equipment You ALREADY Have

Track WIP With Tools and Equipment

Three Simple Ways to Use Barcode Scanning to Track WIP with tools and equipment you already have. “I used to have 6 products running in my plant for weeks on end. Now, at any one time, I have 400 different products running through 25 different work centers in my shop with an average delivery time of a…

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SOLVING: Barcodes vs. RFID

Barcodes vs. RFID

Which is the Best Solution for Work-in-Progress (WIP) tracking? One of the questions that I am frequently asked is, “Barcodes vs. RFID: Should I use Barcodes or RFID to track my work in process?” The Merits of Manual (barcode) and Automatic (RFID) Tracking In this white paper we explore the relative merits of bar code and…

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Solving: Challenging Label Problems for Folks is Why I Love My Job!

Challenging Label Problems

In this day and age of big-box and warehouse stores, most of us have walked through a warehouse…whether it’s wandering through a BJ’s or Costco, or searching for a furniture SKU in IKEA.  Retail stores certainly face some challenging label problems.  With the advent of barcodes and far-field (distance) scanning, using barcode technology to organize…

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Solving: Eliminate Errors while Simultaneously Labeling Thousands of Pipettes and Ampoules

labeling thousands of pipettes and ampoules

At PaladinID, we create barcode labels for specific applications.  As we’re seeing BioTech and Bio Med industries expand with barcode verification and authentication, we wanted to share this Case Study by Microscan where they face the challenges of labeling thousands of pipettes and ampoules.   In the laboratory environment, handling multiple pipettes and amoules, there…

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Food Packaging And Label Accuracy

Food Packaging And Label Accuracy

Small and medium-sized food & beverage manufacturers face food packaging and label accuracy issues.  When they find that one of their products becomes popular, there are production issues that may crop up. The Challenge: Often, manufacturers may experience a jump in defective and inaccurate output. As seasoned producers are well aware, larger food chains attach…

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New Device Reads NFC Tags To An Apple iPhone

Self Shredding Medical Labels

The first of it’s kind scanning device enables the reading of NFC tags to an Apple iPhone.  We will have this on display at the Design & Manufacturing New England Show, May 3-4 at the Boston Convention Center.  See this and many more new innovations that surround NFC and RFID applications.  Another reason that “Anything Is…

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