The Zebra ThermaLock 4000D Has Been Discontinued, Now What?

Zebra Technologies has discontinued their ThermaLock 4000D label material.  This was a very popular solution for many companies.  The ThermaLock 4000D was a direct thermal BOPP (film) label product using a permanent adhesive. This product was ideal for outdoor and/or high moisture applications such as: car auctions greenhouses nurseries In all three instances, this label…

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Lumber Mills Find a Solution with RevealPro

RevealPro. Stack of 2x4 lumber boards with printed barcode tags on the end or each of each board

Lumber mills need a new solution for labeling. RevealPro has saved the day! It’s an awful feeling. You find a product you love and get really used to and then BAM, it’s taken off the market? It’s not a good feeling. But even worse, if the product or solution is integral to the operation of…

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