Buy Printheads Online

Do you need Printheads? Are you looking for an easy online shopping experience with free shipping? We have the solution for you. The printhead is like the engine in a printer. The quality, speed, and reliability of your printing are determined by the quality and type of printhead you use. Just like cars, there are…

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Lumber Mills Find a Solution with RevealPro

RevealPro. Stack of 2x4 lumber boards with printed barcode tags on the end or each of each board

Lumber mills need a new solution for labeling. RevealPro has saved the day! It’s an awful feeling. You find a product you love and get really used to and then BAM, it’s taken off the market? It’s not a good feeling. But even worse, if the product or solution is integral to the operation of…

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Looking For A Diversified Labeling Solution?

labeling solutions

Specialized Labeling Solutions for your unique needs are our specialty! Do you have a label application and don’t know where to start?  We frequently take calls from companies who are having difficulty finding the correct label solution.  They start looking at a stock label and realize they need something different.  The frustration mounts and by…

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Print Better Professional Color Labels with The Epson 6500A

Print Better Professional Color Labels

Do you want to print better looking and more professional color labels? Are your current labels messy and just getting you by? We have a great solution! Epson just released their series 6000 line of inkjet printers and they are a game-changer. Here is a before and after picture of the customers labels.   Problem:…

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Genuine CAB Replacement Printheads (20% OFF)

Weekly Special: Genuine CAB Replacement Printheads 20% OFF Use Coupon Code: CAB SHOP NOW This week are special is on our line of genuine CAB replacement printheads.  Use the coupon code CAB for an additional 20% off.  Your printhead is a critical component to your label printing system and should be kept in perfect shape. …

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Are your printing supplies costing you too much?

pirnting supplies. reciept, calculator and wrench pinching coins

Three hidden costs of printing supplies and how to reduce your expenses. You want to save time and money anywhere you can in your business. Especially in the areas that aren’t directly making you money, like labeling and printing. Downtimes, interruptions, and hidden costs can cost you operational efficiency and profitability. Something that seems really…

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Zebra RFID Labels

We are excited to finally get all of our Zebra RFID labels in one place and have it organized in a way that is easily accessible.  Pilot Ready, with 30 ZipShip items in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours. You can quickly conduct a pilot and implement an RFID solution and start saving…

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PaladinId’s Online Store is Now Available!

online store

PaladinId’s Online Store is Open for business! Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo.  We believe in thinking differently. We use our 35 years of experience helping you purchase the correct products for your label applications at a competitive price, on time, every time! Visit our new store now!  You have always…

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Branded vs. Private Label Products

private label products

Have you ever thought about using a non-branded or private label product for you printing needs? If you are looking for creative ways to save money, while not compromising your labeling process this is a great way to go. Private label products are those manufactured by one company for sale under another company’s brand. Think of a…

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Barcode Scanning can Replace Paper Forms in Manufacturing

barcode scanning

Switching to barcode scanning can save the work of 3 full time employees.  Are you still using paper forms, pencils, and clipboards? An estimated 80% of small to mid-size manufacturing plants are still using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to track inventory and manufacturing operations. The drawbacks to this manual system are twofold:…

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