My Barcodes Aren’t Scanning

Barcodes Aren't Scanning

So, your barcodes aren’t scanning and you feel like tearing your hair out. Before you become a crazy person, check out these common issues and if that doesn’t help – call the experts at PaladinID. We are barcode printing experts and will be happy to help. (888) 972 – 5234 There are a few reasons…

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Weekly Special: 10% OFF Label Unwinder/Rewinder

Weekly Special Label Unwinder/Rewinder Shop Now! USE COUPON CODE: “Unwinder”   Have you heard that Epson just released a new inkjet label printer?  We are very excited about this printer and the niche that it fills in the market. This new label unwinder/rewinder will allow you to unwind and rewind a 10” diameter roll of…

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Looking for Replacement Printheads?

replacement printheads

Weekly Special for the week of February 23, 2020. Do you need replacement printheads? We have the best warranty in the business! Get 15% OFF THIS WEEK! Use Coupon Code Printheads  to get 15% off! We are excited about our expanded product line of branded replacement printheads.  With over 500 different printheads to choose from, including…

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Is Your Company Getting Squeezed? Ways to Save $


Are you pressured? Feeling squeezed? Looking for ways to save money now that minimum wage is increasing? I had a conversation with a customer who stated: “With the minimum wage going up so much this year and next, that is really going to hurt us.  We have no way to recoup that money because we…

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Toxic Paper Receipts to Be Banned in New York City

toxic paper receipts

In a recent article we informed readers that RevealPrint is the only environmentally friendly label on the market.  Toxic paper receipts are becoming a big concern as they contain bisphenol A, or BPA. Most cash-register slips contain the chemical, suspected of interacting with human hormones to cause breast cancer and brain damage. Japan and Europe…

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Laser Product Labels

12/9 through 12/15 Weekly Special for December 9, 2019 Looking for laser product labels and tired of paying high prices at the office supply store? Does your company have low volume and distributed printing throughout your manufacturing plant? Laser product labels are perfect for you!  Take an additional 10% off at checkout using Coupon Code…

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RevealPrint: Environmentally Friendly Labels

environmentally friendly labels

Environmentally friendly labels are one more way companies are moving toward being green. RevealPrint is the only direct thermal label on the market that is chemical free and environmentally friendly.  This imaging technology works with and barcode software and existing direct thermal printers. RevealPrint is produced with safe ingredients that are readily available and sourced…

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Discover the Best RFID Printers on the Market

best RFID Printers

If you print RFID labels and tags you need to check out the best RFID printers on the market: The Printronix T4000 RFID Thermal Printers. The Gold Standard! The Best in Class! The Whole Enchilada! Features of the Best RFID Printers Compact Size Due to its compact size, the T4000 fits into environments where space is…

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Maybe A Label Set Might Be A Solution?

label set

What is a label set and where is it used? A label set is just what it sounds like:  A grouping of several labels together to make up one big label.  It is used when an application calls for several labels, typically different sizes and colors that are required for your product. For example, you…

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Zebra Polyester Product Labels

Laser Labels

9/23 through 9/29 Weekly Special September 23, 2019 Are you looking for a stock label solution for your circuit boards? Stock labels can save you money!! Our labels work with every thermal transfer printer on the market today. Therefore, you have no need for new equipment! We also have a large assortment of thermal transfer…

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