Finally, An On Demand Color Print and Apply Solution!

Visiting Epson At PackExpo

Looking for a way to bring color and automation to your business?  We have been too. Epson has developed a solution for automatically applying on-demand color labels.  For years, if you wanted to automatically apply labels to your products, you had a choice of one color, black on white, or you could have your labels…

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Improve Laboratory Management with Better Label Solutions

Laboratory Management

Organized laboratory management is essential to avoiding mistakes and eliminating sample retakes. This can take up time patients might not have. Sample misidentification results in reporting errors, misdiagnosis, the wrong treatments, unnecessary complications, and possibly death. Malpractice claims for pathology errors are relatively low, however, they are extremely costly for labs and patients. Is your…

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Automotive Labels: On Demand Printing + Chemical Resistant

Automotive Labels

Looking for the perfect solution for automotive labeling? You need to label tires, parts, shelves, and more. The top three most important things you need your label to be are: On-Demand. Quick changes and short runs. Chemical Resistant. Low temps, high temps, solvents, and oils. Affordable and Dependable. Easy to use, easy to reorder supplies,…

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