Flexible Packaging: An Environment Friendly Packaging Option

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging might be the most convenient and environment friendly packaging option available. It is a win-win for both the manufacturer and consumer. It is the most convenient and easy-to-open for the consumer and the most efficient packaging solution for the product’s life cycle. PaladinID can help you make the switch to flexible and automated…

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Cannabis Labels: An Emerging Market

cannabis labels

What goes into great cannabis labels? The rise of cannabis legalization has made it an industry to pay attention to. Investors and entrepreneurs are excited about this emerging opportunity and so are label providers. There is a world of new sales opportunities for label and packaging distributors and PaladinID can help. Our specialities include helping…

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Flathead vs. Near Edge Thermal Transfer Printing

flathead vs near edge

What is thermal transfer printing in general? To understand the difference between flathead and near edge, let’s first take a look at thermal transfer printing in general. Thermal transfer is a digital printing method that melts a coating of ribbon to the material on which the printing is applied. Related: What is the Difference Between…

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Wrap Around Expanded Content Labels

Product Spotlight for April 28, 2019 Do you need more data on your labels than you can fit?  Our wrap around expanded content labels are the perfect solution! We print the static content on the underside of your labels (like directions or ingredients) and you print the variable data on the top side. Presto! More…

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RevealPrint Interview With PaladinID’s Dana Ritchie

PaladinID's Dana Ritchie

Find out why the PaladinID’s Dana Ritchie is so excited about RevealPrint and the Promat 2019 show in Chicago!  Amy: Hi, everyone. My name is Amy Zander and I am the content creator for PaladinID. I am interviewing owner, Dana Richie, on the upcoming Promat 2019 show in Chicago. So, Dana, I  understand that you…

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New Textile Tag Kits For Garments

Textile Tag Kits and Textile Fabric Labels By PaladinID

Product Spotlight for March 24, 2019 Are you in the garment industry? Do you want a better fabric tag? We have a great solution for you! We are excited to announce our new product launch: Textile Tag Kits. The kit includes fabric tags made from a woven nylon coated polyamide. They come in a continuous…

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FlexPackPRO® Thermal Transfer Overprinter

FlexPackPro Overprinter

The FlexPackPRO® thermal transfer overprinter offers several models that can be used in a continuous, intermittent or the new standalone environment!  (See videos of all three product lines below.) These units can be used as a direct replacement for a Videojet, Markem-Imaje, Bell-Mark or one of the many other thermal transfer overprinters on the market today.…

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Solving: Putting More Information on Small Labels

more information on small labels

Physical Labels with Expanded Content: While the Internet of Things is experiencing a huge upswing in manufacturing and handling, consumers still need to be provided with specific information about the products that they buy.  Certainly, putting more information on small labels can be a serious challenge.  Everything from the new and improved nutrition labels to safety information,…

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Nutrition Facts Label Reboot

Nutrition facts label

A Tale of Two Labels — The Nutrition Facts label that you may read when buying packaged foods or preparing a meal has undergone a makeover. It’s been updated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reflect updated scientific findings. These changes can help you make better-informed choices about the foods you and your…

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CYBRA and PaladinID introduce an RFID Starter Kit

Cybra RFID Starter Kit

Are your clients asking about RFID product labels? Would your clients benefit from an RFID starter kit to get them started? Have you missed out on an opportunity to provide a product because you couldn’t meet packaging or production specs? Have you been hearing a lot about the Industrial Internet of Things?  IIoT – the…

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