What does PaladinID Do?

What does PaladinID Do

I am often asked,  “What does PaladinID do as a business?” My main desire as a business owner is to solve problems and make it very easy to do business with us.  We focus our efforts on providing companies solutions for their product identifications via pressure-sensitive labels. There is a large void in the label…

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RevealPro High-Heat, Direct Thermal Label Solution!

RevealPro High-Heat

We have a new product called RevealPro High-Heat. Does your application call for a direct thermal label that can withstand the elements in your business? If the answer is yes, you should be talking with us! If you have used Zebra’s Thermalock and are really missing it since it was discontinued – you should be…

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Compelling Reasons to Print Your Own Labels

Print Your Own Labels

Are you getting your product labels printed offsite by someone else? Print Your Own Labels with quality, high-production label printers that can accommodate short runs and variable data. There are several tabletop color label printers that offer the flexibility to produce short, medium, or long runs without label waste. Increase cost savings and take control of…

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Creative Labeling Solutions Help Manufacturers Solve Challenges

Creative Labeling Solutions

Do you need creative labeling solutions to be more productive? Every product needs a label of some kind. Either for branding, to relay product information, pricing, or to provide other instructions to the consumer. Labels that cannot stand up to the same wear and tear as the products they are on create challenges for manufacturers,…

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My Barcodes Aren’t Scanning

Barcodes Aren't Scanning

So, your barcodes aren’t scanning and you feel like tearing your hair out. Before you become a crazy person, check out these common issues and if that doesn’t help – call the experts at PaladinID. We are barcode printing experts and will be happy to help. (888) 972 – 5234 There are a few reasons…

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Make the Switch from Paper Forms to Barcodes

Did you know 80% of all small and mid-sized manufacturing organizations in the USA still track their inventory and production operations manually? Just because a system or process is “how you’ve always done it” doesn’t mean it is still the best way to tackle a big job. Especially when it comes to technological advances that…

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Why You Should Use Flood-Coated Labels

Flood-Coated Labels

Flood-coated labels are extremely vibrant and provide the best type of color labels on the market today. You can find them in a vast variety of colors and hues for any company brand or use. The flood-coated labeling trend is growing in popularity among companies that want to stand out from the competition. The reason…

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Are You Creating Your Labels Properly?

Creating Your Labels

If you are a small business owner or a large manufacturer, problems with creating your labels properly can be huge headaches. Labels are often an afterthought while a huge amount of effort is being put into creating the product. However, in order to package it, distribute it and ultimately sell it – you will need…

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Inaccurate Food Labels: What’s The Penalty?

Inaccurate food labels can cost a business $10M. Let us help you build a labeling system to avoid these losses. If there is one thing food manufacturers dread is the process of recalling products due to a labeling or manufacturing defect. They have to spend a lot of resources trying to identify and complete the…

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