Common Problems with Manufacturing Labels

Problems with Manufacturing Labels

Are you having any problems with manufacturing labels? I’ve been in the labeling business a long time and I have seen many types of problems and helped my clients solve a lot of issues. Chances are, if you are having a problem–we have the solution. Solving Problems with Manufacturing Labels When I begin working with…

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FlexPackPRO® Thermal Transfer Overprinter

FlexPackPro Overprinter

The FlexPackPRO® thermal transfer overprinter offers several models that can be used in a continuous, intermittent or the new standalone environment!  (See videos of all three product lines below.) These units can be used as a direct replacement for a Videojet, Markem-Imaje, Bell-Mark or one of the many other thermal transfer overprinters on the market today.…

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Continuous versus Intermittent Overprinting

Continuous and Intermittent Printing

Are you looking for a Thermal Transfer Overprinter (TTO)?  Which one does your application call for, continuous or intermittent printing?  Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) is today’s cleanest, most effective way to print variable date codes, barcodes, text and graphics on flexible packaging film, labels, pouches, sheets, card stock and other materials.  FlexPackPRO® ’s line of…

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SOLVING: Track WIP With Tools and Equipment You ALREADY Have

Track WIP With Tools and Equipment

Three Simple Ways to Use Barcode Scanning to Track WIP with tools and equipment you already have. “I used to have 6 products running in my plant for weeks on end. Now, at any one time, I have 400 different products running through 25 different work centers in my shop with an average delivery time of a…

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RFID Label Application

RFID Product Labels

Solving: An RFID Label Application I had an customer call and said that they are having a problem with their current RFID label supplier and asked if I could help them out.  After listening to their pain points, there were many challenges to this application, one being that the RFID inlay from Texas Instruments was…

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Communicator II Thermal Transfer Overprinter

I just hear word of a new product that is being released from ID Technology, one of my vendor partners.  This is a new flexible packaging printer that will print on Tyvek, PD, PP and paper.  It has a ribbon saver option built-in that can reduce your ribbon costs by up to 20%.  Not only are we…

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