September 2016 Product Spotlight – Warehouse Rack Labels

Real World Product Labeling Solutions

Our Product Spotlight is Warehouse Rack Labels this month.  We created a monthly “Product Spotlight” page where our goal is to highlight 3 to 4 of the products we carry and communicate real product labeling solutions for our customers.  If you are looking for something you are not finding, please email or give us a…

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Integrated Labels

Integrated Label Form

Integrated labels are this “Week’s Special”.  Sometimes called label forms or shipping slips, this is where you run a form through a laser printer and within the form, there is what we call an integrated label affixed to the form. 

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Radio Frequency Data Collection Up And Running

Radio Frequency Identification

Our radio frequency data collection is up and running.  I have a customer who is on a very good growth curve for the foreseeable future. The problem they are faced with is that the inventory and order picking is all done by manually on clip boards. After these tasks are done, the hard copy paperwork…

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