Barcode Scanning can Replace Paper Forms in Manufacturing

barcode scanning

Switching to barcode scanning can save the work of 3 full time employees.  Are you still using paper forms, pencils, and clipboards? An estimated 80% of small to mid-size manufacturing plants are still using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to track inventory and manufacturing operations. The drawbacks to this manual system are twofold:…

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Solving: Putting More Information on Small Labels

more information on small labels

Physical Labels with Expanded Content: While the Internet of Things is experiencing a huge upswing in manufacturing and handling, consumers still need to be provided with specific information about the products that they buy.  Certainly, putting more information on small labels can be a serious challenge.  Everything from the new and improved nutrition labels to safety information,…

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Accurate Barcode Labeling Throughout the Supply Chain

Accurate Barcode Labeling

The Problem: An increasingly important part of making products is to ensure that the product packaging and shipping containers have the correct barcode labels to meet customer requirements — which requires an accurate barcode labeling process. Failure to do so can result in your customer rejecting the shipment or imposing financial penalties. It used to be…

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How Tamper Evident Packaging Works using NFC

Tamper Evident Packaging

Sneak Preview on How Tamper Evident Packaging Works using NFC From a barcode scanning viewpoint, this is the simplest method to use, because it only requires one scan per workstation. This method is the simplest and most basic onramp, providing real-time information where jobs are in the production process (WIP).  Additional information can be leveraged…

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CYBRA and PaladinID introduce an RFID Starter Kit

Cybra RFID Starter Kit

Are your clients asking about RFID product labels? Would your clients benefit from an RFID starter kit to get them started? Have you missed out on an opportunity to provide a product because you couldn’t meet packaging or production specs? Have you been hearing a lot about the Industrial Internet of Things?  IIoT – the…

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Solving: Anti Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

Anti Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

At PaladinID, we’ve been following a conversation about combating counterfeiting with a more tightly controlled approach to labeling and the introduction of the idea of anti-counterfeit pharmaceuticals.  The pharmaceutical prescription drug supply chain is unique in its handling of regulated and controlled substances as they move through a very complex global distribution system. From factory…

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Solving: The Internet of Things on the Factory Floor

The Internet of Things on the Factory Floor

Adapting to a Just-In-Time World using the Internet of Things (IoT) — As consumers have greater access to product, there is a need to adapt manufacturing processes to become more flexible in a Just-In-Time world and to consider the need for the internet of things on the factory floor. Since the 1980s, automation has gradually digitized.…

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Solving: 8 Interesting Uses of RFID

RFID Summit in Maine!

Originally published JANUARY 30, 2018 BY DAVID BUDIAC Radio-frequency identification is pretty nifty and there are a number of truly interesting uses of RFID. Although the location-tracking tags that integrate with inventory software have been around for decades, new applications continue to appear as the tech becomes more affordable and approachable. Explosive e-commerce growth and…

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Automated Packaging

Automated Packaging for Growing Brands

PaladinID Interview With In-Store Consulting Moderator: Christine Curtis Interviewee: Dana Ritchie Interview Topic: Enabling small food businesses to transition from manual to automated packaging Introduction:  Hello, I’m Christine Curtis from In-Store Consulting and I speaking with Dana Ritchie, CEO of PaladinID. Welcome to “Ask the Experts”, Dana. As you know, our team at InStore has decades…

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Solving: Talking to Movers & Shakers In RFID

Talking to Industry Leaders and Movers & Shakers in RFID

PaladinID is talking with industry leaders about how technology is leading bar codes into a more expansive platform involving RFID and NFC…. Dana Ritchie, of PaladinID,  is moderating this interview with Tim Daly, NFC Evangelist for NXP.   Q:    Tim, let’s just back track for a moment and recount when you first were introduced to…

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