RFID + Direct Thermal BOPP Labels for Mobile Printers

As you may know, Zebra has discontinued their Thermalock 4000 label material, creating a significant gap in the market for customers requiring weather-resistant direct thermal label material for their mobile printers. An international auto transport company approached us to find a solution for their labeling needs, specifically for labels that could be applied to automobiles…

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Can You Pre-Print a Direct Thermal Label?

Have you ever wondered if you can add an image and text (pre-print) on a direct thermal label? Just last week, I had two companies reach out with this very question. What are the chances of that? The answer, however, is yes—you can pre-print on direct thermal labels using either flexographic or digital printing technology…

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Choosing Between Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printing: What’s Best for Your Needs?

When selecting a label printing method, understanding the key differences between direct thermal and thermal transfer printing is crucial for optimizing your labeling strategy. Each method offers unique benefits tailored to specific uses and environments. Here’s a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision for your business needs. Direct Thermal Printing: Efficient and…

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Reveal Multicolor: One Label, Many Options!

What is Reveal Multicolor! It is a patented technology that allows you to print color with a direct thermal printer. How is this different from our existing RevealPrint technology? With RevealPrint, you define the color zones on the label. These are pre-determined upfront before the labels are made and then when those zones are activated…

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The Ultimate Guide to Labeling Outdoor Products Using Mobile Direct Thermal Labels

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient and durable labeling solutions are crucial for businesses dealing with outdoor products. Whether you’re running an adventure sports shop, a gardening supply store, or any other business that requires outdoor labeling, the right tools can make a significant difference. This guide will explore how mobile printers and direct thermal BOPP…

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The Benefits of Color-Coded Medical Labels in Healthcare Facilities

Improving Patient Care with Color-Coded Labels in Healthcare Facilities

Could Color-Coded Labels Be the Key to Enhanced Patient Care in Healthcare Facilities? Have you ever considered how the colors on a label could make a life-changing difference in a healthcare setting? In the dynamic and often high-pressure environment of healthcare facilities, ensuring top-notch patient care and safety is always the priority. Here’s where something…

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Looking For A Durable Label Solution For your Direct Thermal Mobil Printer?

As plant managers, packaging engineers and purchasing agents, you know that labeling solutions can significantly affect efficiency in the production line. If your operation utilizes direct thermal mobile printers, it is especially critical to have labeling materials that are durable and dependable over long periods of time. But how do you determine which label material…

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What labels to use with a Zebra printer?

What Labels to Use with Zebra Printer

Zebra printers are a popular choice for businesses of all sizes due to their high-quality printing capabilities, durability, and versatility. However, choosing the right labels for your Zebra printer can be a daunting task given the myriad of options available in the market. This blog post aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on…

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How Does Thermal Color Printing Work? – Unraveling the Science

How Does Thermal Color Printing Work

In the world of printing technology, thermal color printing has revolutionized the way we print and reproduce images. The technology is not only efficient but also offers high-quality output, making it a popular choice in various sectors such as retail, healthcare, and transportation. But how does color thermal printing work? Let’s delve into the fascinating…

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Adding Color Improves Warehouse Efficiency!

custom barcode labels

Looking to streamline your operations but don’t have the time? Did you know that adding color to your labels can improve efficiencies? Our innovative new product is here to help. We recently helped a food company facing a challenge: they wanted to use color to differentiate their products in their warehouse, but traditional mobile label…

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