Epson C6000 Series Printers

The new Epson C6000 inkjet label printers are getting more attention every month. We are very excited about this new inkjet printer line Yes, Epson has listened to the market and upgraded to features that users asked for! The Epson C6000 series printers are specifically designed as a color upgrade to thermal transfer printing.  This…

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Finally, An On Demand Color Print and Apply Solution!

Looking for a way to bring color and automation to your business?  We have been too. Epson has developed a solution for automatically applying on-demand color labels.  For years, if you wanted to automatically apply labels to your products, you had a choice of one color, black on white, or you could have your labels…

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Thinking about on-demand color labels?

If you are thinking about putting on-demand color into your product labels, then check out this video. It explains the pain companies have inbranding and making their products stand out. On-demand label printing has been around for more than 30 years, but only until recently has the technology evolved with on-demand color printing.  Epson has…

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Wax Ribbons For Your Zebra Printer 20% off

Weekly Special: Wax Ribbons For Zebra Printers 20% OFF Use Coupon Code: Wax Ribbons SHOP NOW   We are excited about this week’s special.  It is on our entire line of wax ribbons for your Zebra printers.  These ribbons are specifically designed to run in any Zebra thermal transfer printer across many label stocks.  We…

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Preventing Barcode Failures

barcode failures

We’ve all experienced barcode failures while shopping. No matter how hard you try at the self-check out, the scanner just won’t read the barcode on an item. You run it over the scanner again and again with no luck. You straighten the package. Run it again, slower this time. No luck. So frustrating! Imagine what…

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Afinialabel L701 Product Label Printer

December 16, 2019 The L701 Looking to increase efficiencies on your shop floor? AfiniaLabel has just introduced their newest line of product label printing equipment: Print high-impact, full-color labels for a fraction of the cost!  We will be glad to send you samples of what this inkjet printer can do. See all of our inkjet…

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Toxic Paper Receipts to Be Banned in New York City

toxic paper receipts

In a recent article we informed readers that RevealPrint is the only environmentally friendly label on the market.  Toxic paper receipts are becoming a big concern as they contain bisphenol A, or BPA. Most cash-register slips contain the chemical, suspected of interacting with human hormones to cause breast cancer and brain damage. Japan and Europe…

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Laser Product Labels

12/9 through 12/15 Weekly Special for December 9, 2019 Looking for laser product labels and tired of paying high prices at the office supply store? Does your company have low volume and distributed printing throughout your manufacturing plant? Laser product labels are perfect for you!  Take an additional 10% off at checkout using Coupon Code…

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RevealPrint: Environmentally Friendly Labels

environmentally friendly labels

Environmentally friendly labels are one more way companies are moving toward being green. RevealPrint is the only direct thermal label on the market that is chemical free and environmentally friendly.  This imaging technology works with and barcode software and existing direct thermal printers. RevealPrint is produced with safe ingredients that are readily available and sourced…

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