Improve Laboratory Management with Better Label Solutions

Laboratory Management

Organized laboratory management is essential to avoiding mistakes and eliminating sample retakes. This can take up time patients might not have. Sample misidentification results in reporting errors, misdiagnosis, the wrong treatments, unnecessary complications, and possibly death. Malpractice claims for pathology errors are relatively low, however, they are extremely costly for labs and patients. Is your…

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Looking For A Diversified Labeling Solution?

labeling solutions

Specialized Labeling Solutions for your unique needs are our specialty! Do you have a label application and don’t know where to start?  We frequently take calls from companies who are having difficulty finding the correct label solution.  They start looking at a stock label and realize they need something different.  The frustration mounts and by…

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Print Better Professional Color Labels with The Epson 6500A

Print Better Professional Color Labels

Do you want to print better looking and more professional color labels? Are your current labels messy and just getting you by? We have a great solution! Epson just released their series 6000 line of inkjet printers and they are a game-changer. Here is a before and after picture of the customers labels.   Problem:…

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ZPL Emulation With An Epson 6500A Inkjet Printer

Did you know that the new Epson 6000 series printers have Zebra ZPL emulation already built-in? This is great news seeing more and more companies want to incorporate color in their product labels. Problem: The biggest challenge has always been the label conversion or recreating the label formats.  No one wants to do that. Solution:…

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Adding Color To Outdoor Labels

Outdoor Variable Imaged Label

Did you ever want to add color to your outdoor product labels but could not find a good solution? We created a fade-resistant ink that lasts up to 15 years. You can even print your variable data on it. Problem: Adding Color to Outdoor Labels A multi-national company that manufactures outdoor electrical products needed to…

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Thinking about on-demand color labels?

If you are thinking about putting on-demand color into your product labels, then check out this video. It explains the pain companies have inbranding and making their products stand out. On-demand label printing has been around for more than 30 years, but only until recently has the technology evolved with on-demand color printing.  Epson has…

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The Advantages of RevealPrint™ over Zebra IQ

More Colors with RevealPrint by PaladinID

Are you currently using Zebra IQ to add color to your labels? Are you frustrated by the limited capability? RevealPrint™ is a new technology that allows you to use more colors for less money! And there are other advantages of RevealPrint™ too. PaladinID is an authorized re-seller of both RevealPrint™ and Zebra IQ. However, we believe…

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