Authenticate Your Products with TRUSTSEAL® CannaSecure

TRUSTSEAL® CannaSecure

Put a Decorative Foil on your products to make them shine! Introducing TRUSTSEAL® CannaSecure, our new standard security design exclusively developed for the legal North American cannabis market. However, it could be used on any product that needs to stand out. The two greatest needs facing the cannabis industry are brand protection and brand definition. Counterfeiting…

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Labeling and Packaging for Cannabis Products

Variable Data Printing for Barcodes (1)

As more states legalize the use of Cannabis – either for medicinal or recreational use — you need to be on the top of your game when it comes to labeling and packaging of your cannabis products. An enticing packaging will draw your customers in while the label will provide essential information about your product…

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Custom Cannabis Labels: A Guide

Cannabis Product Labeling

Your cannabis business needs an economical solution for your custom cannabis labels. We have the perfect system! The cannabis industry is exploding. While the Federal & State governments work out all the details, one thing that will remain a constant priority is labeling requirements. These do vary from state to state, but every single cannabis…

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Cannabis Labels: An Emerging Market

cannabis labels

What goes into great cannabis labels? The rise of cannabis legalization has made it an industry to pay attention to. Investors and entrepreneurs are excited about this emerging opportunity and so are label providers. There is a world of new sales opportunities for label and packaging distributors and PaladinID can help. Our specialities include helping…

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