Which is better: Handheld or Hands-Free Barcode Scanners?

Hands-Free Barcode Scanners

What do you think? Would you rather use handheld or hands-free barcode scanners? Like so many choices in business, it really depends on your specific needs and operating environment. However, it is helpful to know where to start – so we went to the experts. This article is a version from Zebra’s article Which is…

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Buy Barcode Label Software Online

Barcode Label Software

Are you looking for an easy online shopping experience with free shipping? Do you need Barcode Labeling Software? Although we can provide any bar code labeling software package on the market today, we focus on BarTender For Windows from Seagull Scientific.  It is the easiest to use and they offer free technical support. BarTender Labeling…

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Tool Tracking Labels: Never lose your tools again!

Tool Tracking Labels. Warehouse worker using tool with label on it

Tool tracking labels can help you organize and reduce the loss of tools in many situations. In your home garage or workshop, company warehouse, auto mechanic shop, fleet vehicles, and more. Missing or stolen tools can cost any person or business time and thousands of dollars a year, not to mention the inconvenience of not…

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Preventing Barcode Failures

barcode failures

We’ve all experienced barcode failures while shopping. No matter how hard you try at the self-check out, the scanner just won’t read the barcode on an item. You run it over the scanner again and again with no luck. You straighten the package. Run it again, slower this time. No luck. So frustrating! Imagine what…

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Barcode Scanning can Replace Paper Forms in Manufacturing

barcode scanning

Switching to barcode scanning can save the work of 3 full time employees.  Are you still using paper forms, pencils, and clipboards? An estimated 80% of small to mid-size manufacturing plants are still using paper forms and manual keyboard data entry to track inventory and manufacturing operations. The drawbacks to this manual system are twofold:…

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