5 Best Label Design Software for Non-Designers

There’s a certain magic to seeing your own designs come to life, especially when it comes to creating unique, attention-grabbing labels for your business’s products. But let’s face it—not all of us are trained graphic designers, and dealing with complex design software can feel like trying to decode an alien language. However, this shouldn’t be…

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Which is better: Handheld or Hands-Free Barcode Scanners?

Hands-Free Barcode Scanners

What do you think? Would you rather use handheld or hands-free barcode scanners? Like so many choices in business, it really depends on your specific needs and operating environment. However, it is helpful to know where to start – so we went to the experts. This article is a version from Zebra’s article Which is…

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Improve Laboratory Management with Better Label Solutions

Laboratory Management

Organized laboratory management is essential to avoiding mistakes and eliminating sample retakes. This can take up time patients might not have. Sample misidentification results in reporting errors, misdiagnosis, the wrong treatments, unnecessary complications, and possibly death. Malpractice claims for pathology errors are relatively low, however, they are extremely costly for labs and patients. Is your…

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