Industry Insights: Pharmaceutical Labels

pharmaceutical labels

Do you need a better solution for your pharmaceutical labels?  There are so many product labels that are used in this industry. Vials, bottles, bags, charts, boxes, containers, and more. From really small labels to expanded labels and booklets, your company might need to produce several different types and sizes of labels. A quick note…

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The Problem with Labeling Vials

Product Spotlight for June 9, 2019 Do your labels look like this! Are you having a vial labeling problem? Is the problem your adhesive? It is the facesheet? Maybe both? This picture is all to familiar in the world of labeling vials, ampules, or small circular products. Throw in  cold temperature storage requirements and it…

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Wrap Around Expanded Content Labels

Product Spotlight for April 28, 2019 Do you need more data on your labels than you can fit?  Our wrap around expanded content labels are the perfect solution! We print the static content on the underside of your labels (like directions or ingredients) and you print the variable data on the top side. Presto! More…

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Common Problems with Manufacturing Labels

Problems with Manufacturing Labels

Are you having any problems with manufacturing labels? I’ve been in the labeling business a long time and I have seen many types of problems and helped my clients solve a lot of issues. Chances are, if you are having a problem–we have the solution. Solving Problems with Manufacturing Labels When I begin working with…

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Labeling Ampules – Real-time Mass Production

Generic Cryogenic Adhesive

Labeling ampules and vials is not a new challenge.  At PaladinID, we’ve been providing bar code labeling solutions for small objects, oddly shaped objects and soft objects for decades.  Recently, one of my customers came to me with a two-fold challenge:   One, they had a challenge of labeling ampules with a label wrapping around…

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