Tag Stock Labels

Tag Stock LabelsThermal transfer or direct thermal tag stock labels are primarily used in the garment industry for price tickets.  Many companies are using thermal transfer tag stock for doing inventory.  We can produce any size, shape, color your application requires.  We recommend putting a timing mark on the back of the stock instead of using a notch or hole for timing purposes.  The reason for this is because since the knotch or hole is fixed, if the printer is not setup perfectly or the stock moves within the printer, you will get a printer error.  Having a timing mark eliminates the timing problems when using tag.  We can do both, but we recommend the mark.

Custom Tag by PaladinID

New product with strings attached!  We have just introduced a new product, it is a pre-printed tag stock with reinforced holes with strings attached.  These are used for inventory, service calls, repair tags etc.  We can produce these in any size, shape or color.  Call us for samples.

Custom Labels:

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