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STP1120N Video Of Printing Very Small Labels

Watch our STP1120N video of printing very small labels.  This video was shot using a camera phone and shows the capabilities of the new STP1120N bar code printer when using very small labels.  The reason this is important is because no other bar code printer can print on this size label or even hold registration this tight.  This printer has two label sensors built in along with an additional pinch roller for accurate registration, especially on very small labels.

With other brands, there is a built in slop, float or drift as they call it.  The print will walk on the labels.  The smaller the labels, the more it is noticed.  Another area where this happens is when you have pre-print on the labels and you need to hit a specific location, like a box.  With current thermal transfer printers, the ability to hold tight registration is difficult.  With the STP1120N, that problem goes away.  If you have tight registration requirements or very small labels to print, this is the printer for you.

Printing On Smaller Than .25″ Tall Labels!

What is especially amazing about this video is that this label is 3″ wide x .200″ high and is printing at 4 ips (inches per second).  The print registration is spot on and the quality of the label is near perfect.  During this demonstration, the labels registered perfectly and not one label was skipped.

Click here for a STP1120N data sheet.



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