Solving: RFID Tags For Uniquely Shaped Medical Products

Solving: RFID Tags For Uniquely Shaped Medical Products

PaladinID Offers Rat Tail RFID Labels For Hard To Label Medical Products

See all types of RFID labels and tags designed for the Medevice and BioTech uses

PaladinID is exhibiting at the Medical Tubing Conference in Woburn, MA on October 10-11 because our clients are expressing a growing interest and demand for RFID labels.  With the advent of the (Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) affecting Bio/Pharma Manufacturers as early as next month, there is a clear and present need for RFID sensors that can easily be affixed to unique shapes such as medical tubing and surgical replacement parts.  PaladinID is exploring the wide array of RFID sensors already available, as well as working with industry partners such as Alien Technology to produce RFID sensor tags in shapes and sizes that will accommodate the needs of these medical sectors.Medical Tubing RFID Rat Tail Product Label

In the BioMed and BioTech industries, RFID is easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures that are already tracking for and complying with GS1 standards  The challenge is to determine the appropriately shaped sensor label to ensure the RFID tag will remain affixed to the item that is being labeled and tracked throughout its useful life.

Embedding a medical tube with an RFID label is an example of the need to identify a “form factor” (sensor shape and configuration) that will wrap around various diameters of tubing and remain attached at all points where the label contacts the tube.  We like the “Rat Tail” label for this application.  This label is made with a strong polyester or polypropylene base material and adhesive.  It is designed to wrap around irregular objects.  These can be made in any size or shape depending on the application.  What makes this label so user-friendly is that when run through a thermal transfer printer as a flat shape, the label has sufficient surface on which to print variable data.  After the label has been printed, a special perforation enables the label to fold over onto itself while preserving the RFID inlay.  This sample shown here has a read range of 3-4 feet.

PaladinID can provide any form factor your application requires when it comes to labels and RFID labels.  Stop by booth #7 and see the different label samples and applications that are available.  If you have a product label application that needs answers, we are here to help.  At PaladinID, we’ve been servicing the BioTech and BioMed customers for over thirty years, and we’re known for our quality and dependability.

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