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Solving: Introducing RFID and Multi-Color Label Innovations

PaladinID prides itself on providing top-tier labels, printers and service to its customers for over 30 years.  In keeping with our commitment to helping our customers use labels to “Make Their Mark”, we’ve just revamped our website and are introducing RFID and multi-color label innovations.  The new site features easy-to-understand information with enhanced imagery explaining all aspects of bar code solutions for our customers.

With the tremendous growth in bar code and product label solutions, we wanted to help people find the label solution that works best for their needs. Determining the best facestock, engineering the type of label printing to suit the application and providing leading edge customer support is how we roll at PaladinID, and we look at our site as your first introduction to a smart and painless approach to bar code and product labeling.

From pre-printed and custom labels, to label blanks that are printed and encoded on-site, PaladinID will equip you with all of the supporting products you need.  We’ll recommend the appropriate bar code labeling software, install & network your barcode printers and provide ongoing service & technical support.

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Send us your questions and challenges and let us help you with your label needs.

PaladinID CEO, Dana Ritchie adds, “As we launch the new website, we extend deep appreciation to our industry colleagues who have generously provided PaladinID with graphics, content and insight. Make Your Mark with PaladinID.

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