PaladinID Premium Resin Near-Edge Ribbon

Easy to use with no printer adjustments. Recommended for OPP, PET, Polypropylene and Polyethylene film stocks.
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PaladinID Premium Resin High-Speed Near-Edge Flexible Packaging Ribbons

Durable and Resistant.  When durability is critical. When exposure to heavy contact, solvents or harsh environments is of great concern. This premium resin TTO ribbon is the answer.

This special resin ink formulation provides a nearly indelible image on flexible packaging film, pharma grade pouches, and synthetic labels.


  • Long lasting TTO images on polyester flexible packaging materials
  • Doesn’t smear or rub off in the packaging process, even with hot fill
  • No image ghosting – heat resistance up to 500°F required for lid sealing
  • Withstands water and oils associated with food production

Recommended Stocks:

  • PET / Polyester
  • OPP / Polypropylene

Recommended Applications

  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Food & Beverage
  • Date, Lot, and Barcode Printing
  • Blood Bags

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