PaladinID Economy Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Easy to use with no printer adjustments needed. Recommended for coated paper and tag label stocks at slower speeds.
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PaladinID Economy Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbons

High-performance economy wax thermal transfer ribbons. Ideal for RFID applications. Easy to use. No printer adjustments needed. Prints on a wide range of label and tag stocks.  The main difference between this ribbon and our premium wax ribbon is the speed of the printer and abrasion resistance.  If you application does not call for running your printer at 6ips or faster, this ribbon might be for you.  Also, the economy ribbon will have a lower abrasion resistance than our higher grade ribbon.  This economy wax thermal transfer ribbon is great for high-volume shipping label applications for price conscious companies.


  • Prints dark images with solid fill and no show-through
  • Easy to use, drop-in replacement
  • Unbeatable performance at lower print speeds
  • Prints on a wide range of tag and label stocks
  • Ideal for RFID, Anti-static

Recommended label stocks:

  • Coated paper tag and label stocks
  • Uncoated tag and label stocks

Also can be used with:

  • Synthetic papers
  • Kimdura
  • Polypropylene BOPP label materials

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