Securitasglobal For Your Business

Securitasglobal For Your Business

I talked with Kirk Elken from Securitasglobal regarding the services his company provides.  As my business expands, I am finding more and more customers starting to come from outside the United States.  Kirk came to me from a referral when I was looking into account receivable insurance.  They develop innovative trade credit insurance.

Kirk & Pete, Securitasglobal

(accounts receivable insurance) and political risk insurance solutions to help companies.

Here are some  features Securitasglobal offers:

  • Protect cash flow/financial conditions against external credit risk
  • Extend credit and increase sales to new and/or existing customers
  • Gain access to additional working capital from lender
  • Protect foreign direct investments against political risk



I look forward to working with Kirk and protecting my business.  If your business could use his services, please give him a call.

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