Save Money By Printing On Your Label Adhesive!

We just purchased a new piece of equipment for our presses that will allow us to print on your label adhesive. This is an exciting option for us because most label manufacturers are unable to offer this. But, you might say, so what?

This is a big deal.

This solution is for the company that utilizes a two-ply or three-ply label. A multiply label is needed when your application requires more content than can fit on your labels. Typically, you will see a warning statement or instructions that are too large for the front of the label. The only option is to print that information on the second ply, where you would peel back the first ply and reveal the additional content. Sometimes these labels are called peel and reveal hinged labels, or expanded content labels. This new solution is much less expensive because you only use one label instead of multiple labels to accomplish your task.

Problem: We were approached by a company that used a three-ply label to put all of the content onto their product labels required by the state. This label used three layers to achieve what was needed. Not only was the label costly, but it was also very thick and hard to apply.

Solution: We looked at this label and thought, if only we could print on the adhesive, we would take a three-label solution down to one. An additional piece of equipment was purchased to print on the adhesive side of the labels and it worked perfectly, much better than expected. The customer was thrilled in that the content not only looked good, but it cut their label costs by 40%. It was a win-win.

Shown below is the front and backside of the label where we are printing on the adhesive.


If you are using a hinged, peel and reveal expanded content label or are looking to move in that direction, you need to give us a call. We will be happy to walk you through the process with ideas and samples of what we have done. Give us a call. We look forward to working with you.

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