RJS/ Printronix high speed on-line verification on the manufacturing floor

One of our manufacturing customers approached us with a business problem to solve. (That’s what we do!) The product that our customer makes is targeted to retail markets and requires highly readable UPC bar codes or they get the product returned from their clients.  Or worse, they are assessed an escalating fee for each instance of non-scanning.  Because of the volume of products they manufacture and the speed of the production line,  it is not practical to manually inspect or verify each  item to make sure the bar code label is readable.  In addition to an automated verification process, they also wanted a system that could store a record of each bar code that was successfully scanned on the production line.    PaladinID contacted Jack Tedesco at RJS/Printronix, an industry veteran and expert in high speed bar code verification technology.  Jack recommended the Scanvision SV200-1 scanner for high speed conveyor applications.  In addition to providing our customer with the high speed verification and record keeping that they required, the Scanvision software actually gives them a real-time graphic display of the verification occurring on the production line.   While addressing this customer’s business problem, we found that there are not a lot of folks out there who really understand this bar code scanning application, so if you have this requirement, we would be glad to help.

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