RFID Labels for Tires – Easy Inventory and Tracking Tires

RFID Labels for Tires

Are you looking for a faster way to move your tire inventory? RFID labels for tires are your best bet and we can help.

What’s so great about RFID Tire Tread Labels?

You need to easily be able to locate, maintain, and even recall tires. You need to be able to determine if a tire is currently on a passenger vehicle, semi-truck, or being stored on a rack. How fast can you determine that now? Can you even determine with accuracy at all?

How many clicks and minutes does it take? We are guessing too many!

Tires seem to be flying off shelves these days. You need to be able to locate the right tire make and model for each customer appointment. Sales are either won or lost based on availability. We want to help you be the hero in your town to the minivan mom with a blown tire, the fleet driver making deliveries, and the commuter who needs to get to work.

Decrease Wrench Time 

One of your top goals is decreasing wrench time. RFID labels can help you do this. Plus, you can improve inventory accuracy at the same time. Win-Win.

You will be able to quickly and accurately verify that the tires you need are in stock for every customer. Deliver a great customer experience EVERY TIME!

However, not all tires are being tagged at the source today.

That’s why we designed a new RFID tire tread label that can be applied by manufacturers – or even tire distributors or retailers when a new tire is received. It can be removed at the time of tire installation, and enable accurate, reliable encoding and readability as the tire moves through the supply chain and into a store. RFID – and this tire tread label, in particular – can work wonders when trying to maintain accountability for order fulfillment or simply count on-hand inventory that could be scattered across a huge facility or stacked 30 feet in the air.

Are You a Warehouse or Distribution Center Operator?

If you are keep reading. If you own or run an automotive service center, skip to the next section.

With RFID Labels for Tires you can make better stocking decisions. This means eliminated the risk of overpromising and underdelivering. RFID Tire Tred Labels allow you to conduct easy counts, assessing your entire tire inventory whenever you need to. You’ll have an accurate picture of what you have on hand.

This allows you to:

  • Throughput certain SKUs
  • Determine any potential shortages
  • Level-set your safety stock to avoid overages
  • Plus-up when needed to account for production or shipping delays

Improve the Accuracy of Deliveries

You will be able to expedite claims processing when needed. RFID labels for tires can be read automatically and accurately. As tires are loaded or unloaded you can confirm the proper quantities are being sent or received. This eliminates the risk of human error since RFID helps reconcile the advanced shipping notice (ASN) with the actual delivery types and quantities. No more bad counts!

You can even:

  • Integrate read data into the ERP for better loss tracking
  • Conduct Administrative and financial audits
  • Expidote claims processing related to supplier over- and under-shipments
  • Verify shipped inventory quantities to either confirm or dispute chargebacks

Even better – RFID helps reduce the number of claims that need to be filed either by you or your customers. Once you get better control of your inventory and logistics with RFID, it will be easier to ensure the right tires get to the right store – and get incorrectly delivered inventory routed to the right place.

Do you own or run an automotive service center?

RFID Labels for tires will help you understand inventory management metrics. RFID helps you confirm:

  • how often inventory counts are occurring
  • how long they take
  • how many associate hours are being dedicated to inventory
  • any missed sales

Locate Tires Quickly

How long does it take your employers to find the right tire in a sea or rows of rubber? An RFID reader can read a label from several feet away with perfect accuracy.

Does this found familiar? 

How many times has this happened? A customer comes in looking for four new tires. Your system tells you that you only have three of the four tires they need.  So, the customer turns around and walks back out. You definitely lost the tire sale, and the chance at any upsell for an oil change or anything else. Ok, this happens. But what you discover later is that is that the fourth tire was on your shelf all along. Not one bothered to go look for it because they were all busy and they trusted your system. Not all systems can be trusted.

With RFID, you’ll be able to “trust but verify” quickly and make the sale. If the tire is actually out of stock you can quickly verify four tires you do have available and offer the alternative to the customer. Yay, they don’t walk out the door.

Conduct accurate inventory counts every day

With RFID tire tread labels, you can conduct accurate inventory counts every day to identify:

  • bloat and staleness
  • determine where you should reduce or increase safety stocks
  • ensure you’re replenishing the right items with every order.
  • reduce waste
  • help you determine which specialty or seasonal stock to promote to encourage movement
  • prevent the sale of tires that are past their “best by” dates

Quickly Verify the Accuracy of Every Shipment

RFID tire tread labels help distributors ensure they’re receiving the right items from manufacturers. This means they can also help you quickly confirm that you’ve received the right tire types and quantities with each shipment. If there is a discrepancy between what was expected and delivered, the RFID-generated data will help you quickly reconcile delivery against the ASN and file the claim. Trust me when I say it will save you hours on administrative tasks and ensure your workers are focused on revenue-generating activities, such as tire installations and other automotive services.

Stay Compliant

If you’re in the U.S., you can use RFID labes for tires identify each individual tire to comply with sales reporting requirements. You can also digitally incorporate the Department of Transportation’s tire data into your inventory management app layer to streamline recall/safety checks during the sales and servicing processes. Wow!

Let’s Get Started

The key to achieving the optimal return on investment from an RFID solution is choosing the right components for your use. This includes inlay, label facestock, and adhesive combination. To learn more about this, read our article What You Need to Know to Create the Best RFID Label Solution.

We hope this helps prepare you for what you need to know to integrate RFID into your process. If this is your first RFID application it is best to bring in an experienced Systems Integrator, like PaladinID, to help lay out the framework for the project and offer guidelines on what type of solutions should be considered.

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