RevealPrint Interview With PaladinID’s Dana Ritchie

PaladinID's Dana Ritchie

Find out why the PaladinID’s Dana Ritchie is so excited about RevealPrint and the Promat 2019 show in Chicago! 

Amy: Hi, everyone. My name is Amy Zander and I am the content creator for PaladinID. I am interviewing owner, Dana Richie, on the upcoming Promat 2019 show in Chicago. So, Dana, I  understand that you will be exhibiting at Promat 2019 booth #N6449 with Virtual Graphics demonstrating their new product called RevealPrint.  What exactly is RevealPrint and why are you so interested in it?

Dana: Good Morning, Amy.  Yes, we are very excited be at the Promat 2019 with this new label product called RevealPrint.  PaladinID is the only Authorized re-seller of RevealPrint and we want to tell the world! RevealPrint is a new technology for the direct thermal label market.  This patented process allows you to choose what we call “color zones.” They are invisible on your labels and the color only comes to life or is “revealed” once that area has been energized with heat.  So for instance, if you wanted to have your part number or location stand out, you would print that information in a color zone.  Your text and graphics would be printed in that color.

Amy: What markets do you see RevealPrint serving?

Dana: I see RevealPrint’s target market in warehousing and distribution. However, there are many other industries that could benefit as well.  In the warehousing industry, if you could easily add color on a label to make it standout it would be easier for the workers to pick. This would save time and ultimately save money and reduce errors. Color has been long known to improve efficiencies.  The challenge is the supply costs of printing in color and the additional equipment needed, it is just too cost prohibited for most companies.

Another industry where RevealPrint would be beneficial is the medical field such as hospitals, medical device, and even biotech companies. They all use pre-printed color  labels, but the big difference is that RevealPrint allows them to highlight their variable data in color, not just print in black text.

Amy: How does the cost compare to standard direct thermal labels?

Dana: This is a custom product that is made to order, so the costs would be comparable to a custom direct thermal label.  Only slightly more money than a stock direct thermal label once you got into some volumes.

Amy: Does RevealPrint require new printers?

Dana: No, RevealPrint is designed to work on your existing direct thermal printers.  This alone is one of the biggest benefits of RevealPrint.

Amy: I know there are many benefits to RevealPrint, but what do you like best about it?

Dana: Ever since I started PaladinID, my focus has been providing the best customer service with high quality products while using what I call non-branded products. I do sell products from the big companies like Zebra, Honeywell, Sato etc. However, I really try to use non-branded products to reduce costs, shorten lead times, and serve the customer as well if not better. RevealPrint checks all of those boxes and even takes it to a whole new level.  The people at Virtual Graphics, maker of RevealPrint, could not been better in setting me up as their only Authorized Re-seller.  Their business values align with mine. Putting the customer first and providing a product to help improve their day to day operations.  Virtual Graphics is an excellent product, at a competitive price, on time.

Amy: Thank you for taking the time to help me understand RevealPrint.  Best of luck at the Promat 2019 show.

Dana: Amy, anytime.  I am always happy to talk about new products that benefits my customers.

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