Reveal MultiColor: One Label,
Multiple Options

Reveal MultiColor enables you to create labels with varying shades of green, blue, and black, providing you with the freedom to design labels that are distinctive and tailored to your particular requirements. From product packaging to shipping and other applications, Reveal MultiColor labels have got you covered, offering multi-color label solutions that meet all your needs.

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Versatile Color Direct
Thermal Label Solution

Reveal MultiColor labels are a flexible solution for printing labels with multiple colors using only one direct thermal printer. This product stands out for its capacity to offer a multi-color direct thermal imaging solution, enabling you to generate labels as needed with vivid and striking colors at any point on the label.


Discover How Reveal MultiColor Can Improve Productivity
and Save on Operational Costs.

Easy to use

Reveal MultiColor labels can now be imaged in multiple colors using standard direct thermal printers, eliminating the need for ink, toner, or ribbons. The process is simple, just load the labels and start printing.

Versatile applications

Reveal MultiColor products can be used in various industries and applications, ranging from retail and healthcare to logistics and manufacturing.

High durability

These labels are designed to withstand water, chemicals, and other environmental factors, ensuring their readability throughout their lifespan.


With Reveal MultiColor, you can image vibrant, multi-color labels without the need for expensive color label printers or ink cartridges. This helps you save money while improving the versatility of your labels. Use the same label format for multiple applications


Reveal MultiColor Features

  • Print labels with shades of green, blue, and black in one pass on a thermal printer.

  • Image vibrant, multi-color labels without the need for expensive color label printers or ink cartridges saving you time and money.

  • The flexibility to create one label that can be used for many applications – each label can be different.

  • Multi-color labels for product packaging, shipping, or any other application.

Reveal Multicolor face stock produces crisp, bold images in color anywhere on the label, all with the benefit of non-yellowing, non-fading properties. Reveal Multicolor can be ordered in three materials. There will be a paper solution for shipping, receiving, or picking. The second is in tag stock form with no adhesive and the third is in a Polypropylene material for applications that need moisture resistance.

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