Color Imaging on Direct Thermal Labels

No Minimum Orders! – More Abrasion Resistant! – Less Expensive!

We've Got an Exciting New Product!

Have you avoided putting color on your direct thermal labels because of the costs and high MOQ’s (minimum order quantities)? Everyone knows that color can make your labels stand out from one product to another. Studies have shown an increase in productivity and a reduction in errors when color is implemented. This new product called RevealPrint allows you to highlight your variable data and make your labels pop and get noticed. See our video at the right for a more detailed explanation. This breakthrough patented technology gives you the ability to have up to eight color zones on the label at 65% less than the cost of what is currently available. Come visit us in the North Hall booth #N6449 for a demonstration of this exciting new product.


Find us in the "Sustainable Supply Chain Solution Center" in the North Hall

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Here are the highlights:

  • There are no minimum quantities
  • Virtually unlimited color choices
  • You can use your current direct thermal printers
  • About the same cost as a custom direct thermal label
  • 65% less cost of what is currently available from competitors

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What is RevealPrint?

RevealPrint is a new technology that allows you to highlight your important information in color on your direct thermal labels. Simply put, your labels start out white and you define the color zones. When your printer energizes that color zone, your label Reveals the color and prints your text and graphics in that color. This has never been done before. RevealPrint will be a game changer once you see all of the possibilities of what it can do.

How is RevealPrint Different?

RevealPrint differentiates information using color on your direct thermal labels. RevealPrint is not a colored label, RevealPrint is a label that allows you to print in color. The possibilities are endless.

Stop by our booth and ask for Dana Ritchie for a personal demonstration and samples.

I will be offering demonstrations of the labels before and after printing, along with showing ways to improve your company's warehouse and inventory systems. At the show there will be several different models of printers to demonstrate how the labels get printed.

Basically, RevealPrint now gives you the ability to highlight your data and make your labels standout from the crowd with no operational changes to your organization. It is a win win!