Print Better Professional Color Labels

Print Better Professional Color Labels with The Epson 6500A

Do you want to print better looking and more professional color labels? Are your current labels messy and just getting you by?

We have a great solution! Epson just released their series 6000 line of inkjet printers and they are a game-changer.

Here is a before and after picture of the customers labels.


Problem: A chemical manufacturer contact us who wanted a more efficient way to print their labels. Currently, their labels were pre-printed with the color and pictograms running through Zebra printers.  In order to meet GHS label standards, they would block out sections of the labels. This made the labels look messy and unprofessional.  Unfortunately, this is what most people do because it was the only option, until now.

Solution:  I told them about the new Epson 6000 series printers and how they print better professional color labels.  These printers have the full-color capability and when used with GHS approved labels they are BS5609 compliant. You can truly print color on demand. Just put in blank stock labels and print photo-quality labels. No more need to stock multiple pre-printed inventories.

Print Better Professional Color Labels

The last hurdle to solve was all of the reprogramming of their label formats.  Here is the best news!  The Epson 6000 series printers have Zebra ZPL emulation built into their printers.  We could virtually unplug the Zebra, plug in the Epson, and immediately print labels!  It is that simple.

The customer was thrilled and is looking forward to rolling this out to their multiple sites.

If you are facing color requirements on your labels but are hesitant to change because of all the additional programming, look no further than the Epson series 6000 line of printers.

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