PaladinID, A Platinum Partner With Source Technologies!

PaladinID/Source Technologies Now Partners

PaladinID is excited to announce that on August 16th, we became a Platinum Partner with Source Technologies.  Pictured here is Justin Visconti, Reseller Sales Manager, yours truly, and Mimi Bartholomew, Director, Alliance Partnerships.  Upon seeing their product line, taking a plant tour, meeting the engineering team and learning that these printers do in fact fill a void in the bar code label industry, we decided to partner up with Source Technologies and carry their line of printers.  I am thrilled to be working with such a customer focus company who have done their homework, found a niche and filled it.  This partnership will open many doors for us.  More information to follow…….


To find our more information on the new Source Technologies STP1120N desktop printer.



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