New Print And Apply Automatic Applicator for Square Containers

Square Containers

Do you have an odd-shaped container that needs a label?  What about square containers? Is your current solution to hand label your containers?  Well, we have some great news for you!  We have designed a new print and apply label applicator for the Cannabis industry, but it can easily be adapted to other industries as well.

We had a customer come to us and wanted a better way to label their products.

Problem:  This customer came to us with actually three problems:

  1. They were tired of minimum order quantities when ordering their product containers that came pre-labeled.
  2. They were frustrated with long lead times when ordering their containers.
  3. Labeling the containers by hand.

Each container required three labels because these containers were pre-labeled from the supplier, one for the lid, one for the side which were already completed when the containers arrived.  A third label had to be applied on-site with variable testing data, required by the state.  Very labor-intensive, slow, and costly.

Solution:  We took all of their requirements and designed a system with two applicator heads.  One for the lid label and one for the side label.  We incorporated a printhead to print the variable test data in real-time on the side labels, thus eliminating one label completely. Now, all of the containers are labeled with the two labels, appropriate real-time data, and exact placement without any operator intervention. The customer was thrilled, the throughput is about 5X of what they were currently doing without any operator intervention.  Think about that!

We have two quick videos below to see this machine in action.

The first video is of labeling Calyx containers on the top and sides.  This machine is capable to apply labels to all sizes of the Calyx square containers.

This video is of labeling small square glass containers seen in the Cannabis industry.  This machine can label any size square or odd-shaped glass container.

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