New Peel And Reveal Labels!

peel and reveal labels

Peel and Reveal Labels solve space issues!

Are you facing a labeling challenge where the label is too small for all of your required content?  Do you need to include instructions or warning statements and do not have the label real estate?

We are seeing this need, especially in the cannabis industry recently. These companies are required to label their products and must include a warning statement and/or directions on use.  What are your options?  You can’t make the label or packaging larger so what do you do?

Peel and reveal labels (also called hinged or expanded content label) save the day! 

This is a great way to include all the required information/content on your products, without changing the size of your labels or products.

These labels come in a variety of choices:

  • Pre-printed with static information
  • Thermal transfer with static information on the base layer
  • Inkjet with static information on the base layer

You can have a static label underneath and the ability to print variable data on the front side like in the example below. Just peel and reveal!

peel and reveal labels

As you can see in the lower right-hand corner, it says “Peel”.  That is where you can peel back the first layer of label material to reveal the bottom label that is pre-printed (static information).  It doubles the size of the content area of any label.

This solution can be made in any size, shape, or color.  The options are virtually endless.

These labels can be made to run through an automatic label applicator, making your labeling operation most efficient.

Give us your label challenge and we will help you solve it.

If you are looking for custom solutions,  have an application that is difficult to solve, or would like to talk to a labeling solutions expert please send us an email or give us a call at 888.972.6234, we are here to help.

For more information on labeling for the cannabis industry, check out Custom Cannabis Labels: A Guide.

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