New "Clean Start" website

I have a new product that I would like to let you know about.  It is called “Clean Start”.  In a recent study, over 90% of the people who use a thermal transfer printer, Zebra, Datamax, Sato or Intermec do not regularly clean the print head.  This causes premature print head wear and poor print quality.  I now have a ribbon that solves this problem called the “Clean Start” ribbon.  It is available on all ribbon formulations, wax, wax/resin and full resin ribbons.  There is a cleaning card built right into the ribbon leader.  When you load a fresh ribbon into your printer, it automatically cleans the print head.  For a free report and demo along with additional information, please visit “Clean Start” to find out more.  These ribbons are made for all of the major printer brands, Zebra, Datamax, Sato and Intermec.

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