Label Software for Operating Rooms

Making Operating Rooms And Hospitals More Efficient

Looking to make your hospital or medical facility more efficient?

We were approached by a software company that specializes in helping hospitals run more efficiently while saving money and especially saving lives. The software automates and keeps track of information for compliance purposes and eliminates the need to hand-write documents and specifically labels.  This company wanted to use color to differentiate the information on their labels while using their existing Zebra direct thermal printers.

The three main benefits of this software are to:

• Eliminate patient safety risks
• Stamp out non-compliance
• Increase hospital profits

Areas of application with the hospitals:

• Operating Rooms
• Intensive Care Units
• Hospital Pharmacies

Label Software for Operating Rooms

Problem and Solution for Label Software for Operating Rooms

Problem: Using pre-printed colored labels in hospitals, especially the operating rooms is not new or unique, the main problem is that these labels require handwriting on the labels and then hand-keying that data into the software program.  They needed an on-demand color solution that would eliminate the need for hand-writing on the labels with the ability to color-code each drug and/or dosage.

Solution: PaladinID had a product that would use color to meet their needs while using their exiting Zebra bar code label printers. The product we recommended was our direct thermal label with color zones that would enable each department to print in real-time all of the patient data while using color to highlight important information for the Doctors to see and use. Although this product has a very narrow niche, it was the perfect solution for this company.

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