Lunch with DNP in Laconia, NH

We were pleased to meet with DNP, the worlds largest manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbons.  Tim Duffy, their Northeast Regional Sales Manager met us for lunch at O’s Steak House.  Home of the best food in Laconia.  We talked about the industry and things that were new to thermal transfer barcode label printing.  One the industry first’s that DNP has invented is a longer ribbon, using the same outer diameter of the standard ribbon.  The product name is W-127.  The way they do this is by using a special thinner liner in which they get 15% more ribbon per roll that does not exceed the manufacturers outer diameter specs.  I was told that this ribbon has been in testing for more than a year with better results than their standard length ribbon.  We are excited about carrying this line of ribbon because it means fewer ribbon changes and less shipping costs because there is more ribbon per roll.  The end user will use less rolls over the course of a year.  I want to thank DNP for taking the time to meet and educate us on this product.

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