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Label Terms You May Not Know

Are you on top of your label terms and lingo? We try really hard not to throw too much jargon around and confuse our customers.

We talk a lot about thermal transfer labels, adhesives, floodcoat, and more. But what about some of the more miscellaneous label terms? We use these every day, but we realize they may not be as familiar to our clients and their customers.

Here is our list of Lable Terms You May Not Know

Die Cut – A cookie cutter for labels! A cut made in the face stock of a label construction by a hard or flexible die. Die cuts are a necessary tool for shaping and customizing labels to make them more unique and interesting. For example, one common cut is the die that creates round corners for those clean edges on your label design!

Face Perf – Perf is short for perforation. A face perforation is only in the top layer of a label (face stock) and stops when it hits the liner.

Face Slit – A slit that is only in the top layer of the label (face stock).

Face Stock –  The top layer of a label. This is what the adhesive is adhered to.

Film – A face stock that is typically non-paper and usually waterproof, heat resistant, and chemical resistant. Examples of films are polypropylene, polyester, polystyrene, polyethylene, and vinyl.

Integrated Labels – A blend of a laser label and a sheet of paper. They allow you to print the label and packing slip on one page, making it more efficient! These integrated labels print on any inkjet or laser printer.

LPN (License Plate Number) – A term commonly used in warehouse and distribution centers referring to barcoded labels used to identify pallets, lots, batches, orders, and other tracking purposes.

Liner – The bottom layer of a label that is discarded after use. It is coated with silicone so you can easily peel it away to use the label.

Matrix – The material around a label that is discarded after it is die-cut. The matrix is generally removed around labels except in the case of laser and integrated labels.

Know You Know Your Label Terms!

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