Integrated Labels

Integrated Labels

Integrated labels demand is on the rise.  More and more companies are implementing this solution into their manufacturing processes.  What is an integrated label?  An integrated label is a label embedded into a paper document.  Integrated label form, form and label combinationWhen the document gets printed, the label that is within the form gets printed as well.  Therefore, instead of printing the document and then going to your label printer to print a shipping label, it is done in a one step process.  Aside from using this to ship a shipping labels, a small label could be printed to be used in a work in process scenario.  Anywhere a form and label is used, the integrated label form could be implemented and in most cases save time and money but utilizing this solution.

This application is typically used in the transport and logistics industry, but we are seeing it more and more in:

  • Healthcare
  • Fulfillment houses
  • General manufacturers
  • Mail order companies

We do carry several stock integrated label forms, but most of the forms we provide are custom.  These can be ordered in blank or pre-printed with your logo or text in any color you choose.  Please call us with your needs and we will help you put together the image you would like on your products.  Our integrated labels work on all standard or inkjet printers.

Stock integrated labels.

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