Integrated Labels for Manufacturing

Integrated Labels for Manufacturing are a Game Changer

Integrated labels for manufacturing are saving businesses like yours time and money. You know that if you eliminate even one step in a process your productivity goes up. This leads to raising the level on everything – including your bottom line.

What is an integrated label for manufacturing?Integrated Label Forms On The Rise

An integrated label is a label embedded into a paper document.  When the document gets printed, the label that is within the form gets printed as well.

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What are integrated labels used for in manufacturing?

  • Multi-function applications
  • Pick/pack lists
  • Warehousing/inventory
  • Return merchandise
  • Return address labels (because of their unique peel out labels)

Integrated labels are being used mostly in manufacturing, healthcare, fulfillment houses, and mail order companies.

Anywhere a form and label is used, the integrated label form can be implemented. In most cases save this will save time and money.

Why is this important to my labeling process?

Instead of printing the document and then going to your label printer to print a shipping label, it is done in a one step process. TADA!

Step eliminated! Doesn’t that feel good?

For more details visit our entire page dedicated to Integrated Labels.

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How to find the right label and printing solution for your business

If you have yet to work with PaladinID for your label and printing needs, we’d like you to know that we specialize in and are dedicated to Integrated Labels for Manufacturingthe right solution for your unique situation.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that we are going to take the time to understand your business in order to design the right solution. We will look at all the steps in your process and what you are already doing. This includes the equipment you have already invested in and the supplies you use. Your goal is to be as efficient as possible and we want to help you get there. This might not involve buying new equipment, but rather adapting what you have. This may mean that we have a generic label that will work just as well as the higher priced brand you are using.

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We’d love to take a look at your labeling and printing needs and see if we can improve the process to make your life easier.

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