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Helping A Customer With More Efficient Labeling

Are you looking for ways to be more efficient in your labeling process?  We love to hear problems that need solving using labels.  Just last week I had a company contact me to discuss their labeling printing process. They needed a solution that was more efficient and streamlined their workflow. I love these types of calls!

Problem: An educational testing company contacted me regarding how to improve its labeling printing process.  This company publishes many different standardized tests for the education market.  Once the tests are completed, they are sent back to the company for processing and grading.  Since they have so many different tests, they needed a way to color code each return shipment.  Their solution was to print the shipping labels on their Zebra printer and then take those labels and run them through another Zebra label printer to add color.  This was very time-consuming and expensive because of the thermal transfer of colored ribbon cost.  Imagine having to print each label twice!

Solution: I had a conversation with this company and determined what the best course of action would be.  They had about eight different templates using color.  I recommended we have eight different pre-printed templates and they would run each one through their shipping printer once, saving on labor and colored ribbons.  They were thrilled with this solution.  Just the savings on ribbons alone was enough to cover the cost of the labels.  Another thrilled client!

Here is an example of two of the templates we produced for this customer.  They ordered pre-printed labels and ran these through their shipping printer once.  This alone was a huge labor and time savings.

How Can We Help You with Efficient Labeling?

If you have a labeling challenge you would like help solving, please give me a call.  Put my 35 years of experience to work for you.  You can Email me or give me a call at 888.972.5234.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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For samples of this product please call 888.972.5234 or send me an Email.  Whether you need warehouse signs, labels, placards, or label installation services, we’ve got you covered.  Are you looking for a complete warehouse solution?  For more information on this, please read this warehouse labels article.


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