unique product. Product label maching and a label on sunglasses

Have A Unique Product That Needs To Be Labeled?

Are you looking for an idea to label your unique product? Does your product have an unusual shape or interesting packaging?

At PaladinID we specialize in thinking outside the box when it comes to labeling products.  Seeing that summer is upon us, I just love the visual of this picture. As you can see, these labels have a custom shape in order to properly label these sunglasses.

unique label. Dumbell labels on jewerly and sunglassesThe label material we are using is a Zebra Z-Ultimate 3000 White with a permanent adhesive.  The shape is called a dumbbell configuration.  It is wide on the ends and narrow in the middle.  This shape makes it easier to label small parts or objects like jewelry, or in this case sunglasses.

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Designing a Unique Product Label

Designing the shape or size is very important, but also included in our thought process is types of label materials and adhesives like permanent, removable or freezer grade.

We also have extensive experience with label sets.  This is where we group a number of different label sizes together for easier product labeling. For more information on this and to see examples please read Maybe A Label Set Might Be A Solution?

We have over 35 years of experience working with companies to come up with ideas to solve product labeling challenges.  Let us help you with yours!

You can also see that these labels were printed using a Zebra desktop printer.  If you are looking for a complete solution or just a piece of the labeling puzzle, send us and email or give us a call at 888.972.5234.  We can supply one or all of the parts for a total labeling solution.


For more information about unique product labels or any of our other productsplease Email or call 888.972.5234.

At PaladinID, offer you the right products and have the experience and expertise to put together a labeling solution for any application that will exceed your expectations.  Give us a chance to prove it.

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